Deputy Prime Minister visited the project with Hawee as EPC general contractor

29/11/2018 admin

On November 27, Standing Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh’s mission visited TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Plant (Long An). Hawee IDC’s Project Management Board, representatives of the  Investor and other contractors were in charge of welcoming the mission.

TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Plant has an area of 67.5 hectares and a total investment of nearly VND 900 billion. In the partnership with Sharp – the world’s leading group in solar energy solutions, Hawee IDC affirms its position as one of the few EPC general contractors with an international position in Vietnam. Visiting the site, the Deputy Prime Minister emphasized the importance of solar power plants in the context of the developing economy and high electricity demand of the country. As the project is invested and constructed in the area with many disadvantages of economy and traffic, … the Deputy Prime Minister has encouraged and motivated the Investor as well as the Project Management Board of Hawee IDC to ensure the project progress and quickly put TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Plant into operation in order to supplement the power source for Long An province in particular and the whole country in general and contribute to increasing the power source for the national grid.


Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh visited TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Plant with Hawee IDC as EPC general contractor.


During the implementation of the project, Sharp highly appreciates the professional capacity of Hawee IDC, especially the world’s modern technology solutions offered by Hawee IDC to help the Investor save investment costs and ensure the project quality. The use of Polycrystalline solar panels with many outstanding advantages, increasing the efficiency ratio to 17.0% (the required level of 16%) also contributes to reducing the land occupation area of the project.

Polycrystalline solar panels with many outstanding advantages are used in the project.


In the initial phase of the project implementation, there were many difficulties due to unfavourable weather and prolonged storm and rain; however, Hawee IDC’s Management Board made plans for strengthening human resources as well as machines and equipment to meet the given schedule. It is expected that the integration into grid connection will be conducted by April 30 and the project will be handed over by June 30, 2019. Up to now, the panels have been installed in a part of the Plant; 8/10 traffic routes have been completed and currently are in the process of stone laying and concreting. In addition, Hawee also carried out construction and installation of all substations, including construction of 110/22kV substation, design – production – execution of 22kV PIX medium-voltage switchgear with Schneider Electric’s copyright, supply of protective control cabinets, fire pump stations, etc. All of these items still meet the implementation schedule of the Management Board.


The ground has been completely piled and is ready for installing the rack system and panels.


In addition to TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Plant, Hawee IDC is also the EPC general contractor in the construction of Binh Nguyen solar power plant (Quang Ngai) with more than 80% of foreign investment. Energy demand in general and electricity demand for current economic development in Vietnam, in particular, is growing sharply. Therefore, the participation and investment of the investors such as Thanh Thanh Cong (TTC) Group, SSP Corp – Thailand, … in the construction of renewable energy plants in Vietnam are of great significance. As an international EPC contractor, inheriting experience as well as learning and applying modern technologies from developed countries in the clean energy sector, Hawee IDC will offer solutions in order to effectively exploit the energy potential naturally favored, minimize the level of environmental pollution caused by the exploitation of traditional power sources and contribute to ensuring national energy security.

*Some photos at the TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Plant project:


Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh visited the workplace of the Investor and the Management Board of Hawee IDC at TTC Duc Hue 1 Solar Power Plant project.


The overall landscape of the project before pilling, rack and panel installation.


Project ground with in-progress piling.


Hawee workers are installing solar panels

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