Results of Hawee Group’s Action Month for Safety

29/12/2017 admin

After 1 month of launching the Action Month for Safety, significant results have been achieved across the sites, people ranging from the Project Management Boards to the teams of workers have strictly followed the “three hundred” movement and many more projects have been won the safety golden hour award.

The “three hundred” movement has been radically followed

100% of the site and office workers must undergo a safety training course before entering the work site. The access control has been strict and there has been no case of site workers without personal protective equipment and identification papers.

Access control at Anland Complex project gate

Weekly safety training courses have been available at all sites, with the attendance of 5,017 trainers, followed by theme-specialized training sessions. In November alone, the Occupational Safety Department conducted training on the use of fire extinguishers for 05 projects and a rehearsal at Hawee’s office; 1,260 workers participated in first aid training at 14 North to South construction sites.

A firefighting and protection training session at the head office

A practical training session on use of fire extinguishers at An Binh City project

A first aid training session at Goldmark City project

Three consecutive projects have won the safety golden hour award

Leading the movement is An Binh City project with 300,000 safety hours, which has been achieved for the first time since the launch of the competition (June 2017). As the project with the most towers (a total of 6 towers) executed by Hawee, it has ever had nearly 500 workers; hence, the management board knows the importance of keeping site workers and officers safe as just small negligence in the safety work can also leave unfortunate consequences. An Binh City project force’s achievements result from the combined strength of the management board, site safety officers and especially site workers and employees.

Mr. Mai Van Huan (middle) – An Binh City PM  received the certificate of merit and flowers

Beside An Binh City, the next two projects reaching the milestone of 50,000 safety hours are Phu My Complex- N01 T4 Diplomatic Corps and Head Office of Vietnam Telecommunications Authority. Hawee Occupational Safety Department held the ceremony to reward all three projects on November 30th as a beautiful ending of Hawee Group’s Action Month for Safety.

Outstanding workers at Diplomatic Corps Project were rewarded. 

Outstanding workers at Vietnam Telecommunications Authority Project were rewarded

Ending the Action Month for Safety does not mean stopping safe actions, but it is a powerful drive for all site employees to improve their sense of self-protection. Occupational safety is a top priority in Hawee construction projects. Hawee will be responsible for the potential risks and safety of the sites, but more importantly, workers must be willing to collaborate to realize the goal of “Work safely, Go home happily”.

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